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West Australia Albany - William Bay National Park

The Denmark district, west of Albany, is a place where the forest meets the sea. The South Coast has no coastal plain. Rather, the granitic and related rocks of the Great Western Plateau reach the Southern Ocean as cliffy headlands, with large, rounded outcrops lining the intervening bays.

Sheltered inlets in some South Coast national parks have karri and other forests growing right down to the water's edge. Instead of having forest close to the sea, William Bay National Park has a complex of heathlands. This habitat is of special interest to the botanically inclined, as it contains many common karri forest species. But at William Bay they grow under coastal influences as small shrubs, often with leaves very different in shape and texture from their inland relatives.

Like many South Coast areas, William Bay has high hills of granitic rocks. Light grey, windswept tors give the hill tops a primeval, Stonehenge-like appearance


15 km west of Denmark. 20 minutes from Denmark, 1 hour from Albany

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