Green Island

Bedarra Island, Qld

Located 5 kilometres off the Queensland coast, midway between Townsville and Cairns and approximately 6.5 km south of Dunk Island. It is an small (1 sq klm) exclusive resort island with 31 rooms only.

Access is via Dunk Island. The trip takes approximately twenty minutes to reach Bedarra Island.

Sunstate Airlines (Qantas Queensland Regional Service) services fly to Dunk Island from Cairns and Townsville - thirty minutes from Cairns and forty five from Townsville. There are also a number of water taxis between Mission Beach (on the mainland) and Dunk Island.

There are two pleasant walks on the island.

(a) a short walk from the Resort which goes down to Wedgerock Bay and then follows the coastline around offering excellent views of 'The Twins' and Pee-Rahm-Ah Island from Swiftlet Rock. It joins up with the main road from the Resort to the Pontoon.

(b) A walking track across the island to the old Hideaway Resort. It starts behind Villa 9 at the Resort and winds through rainforest to the western side of the island. The walk takes approximately 40 minutes one way.