Green Island

Great Keppel Island, Qld

Located 696 km north of Brisbane, 55 km north-east of Rockhampton and 15 km east of Rosslyn Bay, Great Keppel Island is a 1454 hectare tropical island edged by 17 sandy beaches.

It is the largest in the 14 islands known as the Keppel group.

It is 28 km in circumference and has 18 km of beaches. Most of the island is covered by scrubby land with 17 particularly beautiful white sandy beaches.

Catch a boat from Rosslyn Bay or fly with Whitaker Air from Rockhampton.

It is common to see goannas and possums. Birdwatching The island boasts over 100 species of bird including the ubiquitous seagull, rainbow lorikeets, drongos and a diverse range of seabirds.

The mangrove swamps near Leeke's Beach are particularly impressive. There are 18 km of beach with coral around the headlands. As a general principle the beaches are characterised by fine white sand packed hard enough to allow 4WD vehicles to drive along the beaches at low tide.

Leeke's Homestead

A fascinating insight into the simplicity of life on the island at the turn of the century. The homestead has been preserved to capture the daily life of the fisherman, Ralph Leeke who ran sheep on the island. The yard still has a range of domestic animals. Beware of the geese.


Aqua-aerobics, archery, badminton, baseball, softball, bushwalking, catamarans, cricket, fishing gear, swimming, paddle skis, sailboards, 7-hole chip and putt golf, snorkelling, tennis, touch football, squash, volleyball. Other activities Astronomy, banana rides, coral viewing, dinghies, massages, jet skis, guided nature walks, island cruises, parasailing, scuba diving, guided snorkelling cruises, sunset cruises, tandem skydiving, water skiing.

Bushwalking on Great Keppel Island ranges from 15 minute beach walk and culminating with a walk to the lighthouse at the other end of the island.

Dining Out

There are a number of restaurants at the resort. The Admiral Keppel Restaurant, Anchorage Char Grill, Keppel Cafe, Signals Ice Creamery and Coffee Shop. A three meals a day voucher can be purchased for $43 per adult per day.