Green Island

Green Island, Qld

Tiny coral cay which is a popular destination for day trippers from Cairns.
Located 27 km north-east of Cairns, Green island is a small (15 hectare) coral cay which can be effortlessly walked around in 20 minutes. In fact its circumference is almost exactly 1.5 kilometres. It is about 300 metres wide and 650 metres long.

Green Island was the setting for an innocent pre-marital holiday for Joe Harman and Jean Paget in Nevil Shute's novel A Town Like Alice.

The edges of the island are either compacted coral or rather beautiful coral/sand beaches. The interior is predominantly rainforest.

The resort takes up only 12 per cent of the total island so, remarkably, there are still plenty of places where people can escape.

Activities include swimming, snorkelling and bushwalking. The resort caters as much for day trippers as for regular guests.

Points of interest

Marineland Melanesia - underwater observatory - ph 4051 4032

Dining Out

Emeralds Restaurant offers high quality food. The Canopy Grill is a snack bar, grill and kiosk which is open all day. Reflections Pool Bar offers drinks beside the bar.

Further Information

Green Island Resort;P.O. Box 898;Cairns Green Island;(07) 4031 3300 or 1800 673 366