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Lady Elliot Island, Qld

Lady Elliot Island Located 85 km north-east of Bundaberg, Lady Elliot is a small (40 hectares - it can be walked around in about 45 minutes) coral cay at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

Lady Elliot Island Resort was established 1984 when a series of prefabricated buildings were brought to the island. They still provide comfortable, basic accommodation.

It is the southern most inhabited island on the reef and the only coral cay to have a proper airport.

Today the island offers a legitimate 'reef' experience with both resort residents and daytrippers being offered high class snorkelling, scuba diving, reef walking and swimming.

Whitaker Air offer a daily service from Hervey Bay and Bundaberg

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Reef Walking

The resort provides suitable footwear and the reef at low tide is easily accessible from any of the island's beaches. The near shore waters are rich with clams, sea cucumbers, starfish and numerous varieties of coral.

Diving and snorkelling

Snorkelling on the reef around the island is only possible in mid to high tide. The lee side of the island offers the best snorkelling with a high likelihood of seeing manta rays (they are harmless), turtles, giant clams and parrot fish. Beware: with a high tidal range the reef is susceptible to strong currents.


The island is home to crested terns, black-napped terns, brown boobies, black noddies, buff-banded rails, reef egrets, oyster-catchers, plovers, godwits and the ubiquitous gulls. They nest on the island and are a source of fascination to birdwatchers.