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Australia Daylight Saving Start & End Dates

Changes to Daylight Savings for ACT, NSW, SA, VIC and TAS

From 2008 the ACT, NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania will all start daylight savings on the first Sunday in October and end on the first Sunday in April. This will result in an extra month of daylight saving for the ACT and introduces common start and finish dates in these states. The other states and territories do not change to daylight saving time.

Begins 2 am EST the first Sunday in October

Ends 2 am EST the first Sunday in April

turn clock ahead 1 hour
turn clock back 1 hour
2015 Sunday 4 October 2015 3 April 2016
2016 Sunday 2 October 2016 2 April 2017
2017 Sunday 1 October 2017 1 April 2018
2018 Sunday 7 October 2018 7 April 2019

Queensland, West Australia and the Northern Territory do not participate in Daylight Saving.