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Employment in Australia for Tourists


There are some great job opportunities for those who are in need of a bit of extra cash while on holiday in Australia. Many hostels double as Employment Agencies where travellers with legitimate working visas can seek employment. Aso, you could try a number of Recruitment Agencies and Websites.

Things to remember...

  • Work for travellers is often affected by the seasons, therefore, remeber to plan ahead
  • Ask your employer for details of you work conditions - pay, hours and working conditions

    Jobs for travellers...

  • Fruitpicking in Australia
  • Temping
  • Au pair
  • Contract IT work
  • Child care
  • Labouring
  • Farm work

    List of employment agencies and internet job boards...

    www.jobsearch.gov.au - Government job site
    Greythorn - IT specialist
    Career One - Generalist job site
    Seek - Australia's biggest job site
    My Career - Generalist job site



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