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Visa Application

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

If you intend to travel to Australia, you will need a valid visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), unless you are an Australian citizen or a New Zealand passport holder.

It is recommended that you make use of the link below to gain the most up to date information from the Australian Department of Immigation. The website provides some visa application forms and can be found at: http://www.immi.gov.au

In addition to health requirments, character requirements must be satisfied.

The Tourist ETA is valid for 12 months, or until your passport expires; whichever is earlier. Multiple entries into Australia are permitted, with a maximum stay of three months on each visit.

Temporary Visas

The following are the most common temporary visas:

* Visitor/Tourist visas , for people wishing to sightsee, travel, visit relatives or friends or be involved in other (non-working) activities over a short period.

* Visitor/Business visas, for people wishing to undertake business in Australia for short periods.

* Student visa - for people wishing to undertake full-time study in registered courses in Australia.

* Temporary Residence visas , made for people who intend to come to Australia temporarily for more than three months for reasons other than tourism or business.

The Business ETA is for people requiring entry to Australia for business purposes. The Business ETA is valid for 10 years, or until your passport expires; whichever comes earlier. Multiple entries into Australia are permitted with a maximum 3 month stay on each occasion.

To arrange your ETA through an Australian government office in the UK, post a good quality photocopy of your 'details' page from your passport, together with your address and telephone contact number to one of the addresses below:

Migration Branch Australian High Commission, Australia House,Strand London WC2B 4LA

Australian Consulate Chatsworth House,Lever Street, Manchester M1 2QL

PLEASE NOTE - It is not necessary to send your passport and you are not required to provide evidence of an onward ticket.

Holiday working Visas are for 18-30 year olds who wish to travel in Australia for up to one year. You are entitled to work in order to supplement your travel funds. Details can be obtained by writing to the address below or visiting the embassy website.

Consyl Publishing, 3 Buckhurst Hill, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex TN40 1QF.

Migration Visas

Several different visa classes exist for people wanting to permanently migrate to Australia. The number of some visa classes granted is limited by law some competition is likely to be fierce.

General information and advice is available by write to the following address:-

Migration Enquiries Outbound Newspapers PO Box 1114 Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 3YU

Citizenship Enquiries Information on how to become an Australian Citizen can be obtained from the Citizenship pages of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs web site.

Enquiries by post should be addressed to the "Citizenship Section" at:

Migration Branch Australian High Commission Australia House Strand London WC2B 4LA

Student Visas

These are for overseas students who wish to undertake full-time study in registered courses in Australia.

Overseas students' visas have a number of conditions. Some conditions are imposed by law on all student visas and some conditions are put on the visa at the discretion of the visa decision-maker. Two conditions relate to employment in Australia:

* No employment - no initial student visas, whether granted overseas or in Australia, allow employment. OR

* the holder can work up to 20 hours per week while the course is in session and full time during course vacations.

Student visas with this condition can only be applied for in Australia and after the students have commenced their course of study.

Note: Generally, dependants of students can also apply for permission to work after the student has commenced the course. Work is restricted to 20 hours per week. However, the dependants of master or PhD students may be granted visas with unrestricted permission to work.




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