Hallett, SA

Hallett is located in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Almost 200km north of Adelaide on the Barrier Highway to Broken Hill, Hallett sits at the base of Mt Bryan and the adjoining foothills. Settled in 1872, the area is recognised throughout the land as an outstanding producer of merino stud stock. To get a feel for the local landscape, take the signposted scenic drive to Dare’s Hill. Approached from either Hallett or Terowie to the north, the drive opens on to some startlingly rugged station country that breaks away to offer a clear view to the River Murray on the distant, south-eastern horizon.

Hallet is about halfway between Jamestown, which boasts the world’s first plantation forest, and the historic old mining town of Burra. A half-hour drive gets you to both Jamestown and Burra. The first pinus radiata were planted in 1875 in the Bundaleer Forest Reserve, 9km south of Jamestown. The dedicated forest reserve now extends over 9000ha and offers visitors a range of walks and pleasant picnic grounds

Layers of rock here go back to Precambrian times of 600 million years ago and the evidence of glaciation is rare in SA. Tate’s Glacial Pavement was formed by ice slicking over the rocks 200 million years ago.


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