Hastings, TAS

Best known for the three limestone caves, all open to the public. The caverns, discovered in 1917, are noted for their beauty. The Newdegate cave is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country. Nearby is one of Australia deepest caves, the 220m Mini-Martin. It descends into Exit cave which is the longest known in Australia. Above ground, a small thermal pool is constantly at 28-30c. Newdegate cave nature walk follows the route of an early timber tramline.

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Kay Creek Cottage
17 Kay Street, Franklin
Ph: (03) 6266 3524

Franklin Lodge - B & B
Main Rd Franklin
Ph: (03) 6266 3506

Whispering Spirit Cottage
253 Swamp Rd Franklin
Ph: (03) 62663341 Fax. 03 62663342

Huon Franklin Cottage - B & B
Main Rd Franklin
Ph: (03) 6266 3040

Camellia Cottage
119 Crowthers Road Castle Forbes Bay
Ph: (03) 6297 1528

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