Huonville, Tasmania

Huonville is located in the Hobart region of Tasmania.  Huonville is the gateway to the Huon Valley and the Tasmanian fruit bowl. Local orchards produce crops of plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, apples and pears

Hub of the Huon Valley sitting amid river flats on the site of the first bridge built in 1876. Green pastures and orchards give the town a pretty setting. Along the valley of the Mountain River is Sleeping Beauty, a mountain which, from the east, resembles a woman’s face. The Huonville Show is held in November and there is a Rodeo in February.
Huonville (including Ranelagh) is a small town on the Huon River surrounded by fields of apples and hops.  Located 39 km southwest of Hobart, Huonville is a small but thriving community.  

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