Swansea, Tasmania

Swansea is located on the north-west shore of Great Oyster Bay, south of the Coles Bay. The town has several historic buildings, including Morris' General Store. Spiky Bridge and Mayfield Beach, south of the town, are great spots for rock & beach fishing. There are two vineyards, Sping Vale and Craigie Knowe, near Cranbrook (just north of Swansea).

Town at the head of Great Oyster Bay. The unique Spiky Bridge, built by convicts in 1843, is officially known as Prisoners’ Bridge. The highway hugs the shore for almost 20km and there are views across to Freycinet Peninsula. Tasmania’s Bream Fishing Championships are held here in late November and there is a Golf Championship in June and a Sports Carnival at Christmas.

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Amos House and Swansea Ocean Villas
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