Mullewa, WA

Mullewa, is just 96 km East of Geraldton and 464km North of Perth. Serving as the administrative and cultural centre of the region, the Mullewa community prides itself on its rich natural and social heritage.

A number of scenic drives originate from Mullewa, to take in the area’s natural beauty, outlying towns and unique historical and geographical features.

Drives take in special features such as the Coalseam National Park with it’s magnificent views of the Irwin River and the fascinating Bindoo Hill, an excellent reminder of the glaciers which once covered this region.

Adjacent to Mullewa are the towns of Tenindewa, Pindar and Tardun. Other localities in the district include Devils Creek, Wongoondy, Ardingly, Mendel, Beatty, Sullivan, Indarra, Casuarinas, Kockatea and Wilroy

Region Information

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