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Coastshop Core Values

The core values or purpose of our business is to provide an information service to our customers, catering for their information needs and help our customers enjoy living and travelling in Australia.

Our major values are:

1 - To be a Customer Focused business.

We depend on customers and therefore we must try to understand their current and future needs, strive to meet our customer requirements, and endeavour to exceed customer expectations.

2 - Show leadership in our competitor environment

Establish unity of purpose and direction of our business. The directors of Coastshop will create and maintain an internal environment in which our staff can become fully involved in achieving our business's objectives.

3 - Encourage involvement of Staff to improve our business

Staff at all levels are the essence of our business and their full involvement enables us to utilise their abilities for both the business's and their benefit.

4 - Develop a process orientated approach in all we do

Results will be achieved more efficiently when resources and activities are managed by a structured and planned process.

5 - Adopt a system approach to management of our customers, people and resources

By Identifying, understanding, and managing a system of inter-connected business processes our ability to achieve a given initiative will improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

6 - Continual Improvement in all our activities

Continual improvement is a permanent objective of the business.

7 - Develop a factual approach to decision making

Effective decisions and actions are based on the analysis of data and information.

8 - Establish a mutually beneficial VAR (Value Added Relationships) Partnering Program

Whilst Coastshop and its VAR partners are independent, a mutually beneficial relationship enhances our joint ability to create value for our customers.



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