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How to navigate around coastshop.com.au

A lot of thought went into the design of coastshop.com.au to make it easy for you to find the information you need. There are several different 'navigation tools' used within the coastshop.com.au website.

Icons Legend

The following icons are used to help you understand the content of internal information links at Coastshop.


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Home page

If coastshop.com.au were a book, the home page would be a combination of the title page and the 'table of contents' pages. The home page contains links to help you find the right information section you need on our site.

The major sections of coastshop.com.au are called 'guides' or 'major topics'.

There is also a 'About Us' tool bar menu located on the top menu bar. It provides details of the services offered by coastshop and how to contact us details.

There is a link to the home page at the top of every page in coastshop.com.au. So wherever you are in coastshop.com.au you can always return to the home page with one click.

Major sections or guide main pages

In a newspaper you will find different sections like 'Our shop' or 'Gold Coast guide' which will have their own cover pages. It's the same for coastshop.com.au web site.

There are major section or guide information main pages for the each different section of coastshop.com.au (e.g. Shopping guide, Entertainment guide, Dining Out guide, etc.). These guide main pages provide an overview of the guide major sub-topics and links to the other sub-topics of the guide or section.

Sub-topic menu navigation

Each sub-topic section or guide page has a section menu bar located on the left menu. This section menu bar contains the major sub-topics of information specific to that section of coastshop.com.au.

When you select a link to a sub-topic you will be taken to the main 'link to' page of that sub-topic. For example, the Shopping guide section has sub-topics of Search by Product, Search by Service, Shopping Centres, Online Shopping, HOT Specials and Shopping Links. Click on these links to go to the lowest level of the information of a sub-topic.

Directory listing pages

The lowest level of the coastshop.com.au website is a directory listing page. The directory listing pages provide details of the businesses that match the category or type of listing you are looking for.



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